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Relaxation & Sauna

Relax and enjoy...

After a day full of activities you can relax in our sauna. Relax! Nothing is required ... everything is allowed! Of course we take care of your towels and ofcourse bathrobes are also available!



After relaxing in the sauna, you can enjoy the tranquility of the loungers provided. Of course the showers make it complete in this room so that you can fully enjoy your evening or further holiday after using the sauna!



While you relax in the sauna, we have a cozy playroom for the children. They will have fun with a football game, airhockytable, table tennis table and more.They can also draw a game here to their heart's content or watch a children's film.

In the summer we have also a beautifull outdoor playground with jump kiss, soccer field, korfball field and much more.  And finally ... if the children are having a good time, your vacation is also successful!

Lounge & Bar

If the weather isn't thát great, then you can ofcourse use the cozy lounge. We serve your drinks there, according to your wishes. There are also books to read, from our bookcase. Prefer to read a book in your apartment? Feel free to bring a book and return it before departure. This way everyone has the pleasure of reading. Do you own a magazine or book and do not want to take it back home? We and the other guests will kindly add it to our collection.


When you return from a great day, you can enjoy a drink on our terrace. In the summer, plenty of time in the sun with a view of the beautiful mountains. In the winter you can enjoy a glass of mulled wine or another drink. The beautiful snowy landscape is there for you. Watch descending skiers or just watch the children who enjoy the snow fun.